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Up-to-Date IT Services Customized to Your Business’ Needs

Boost your company’s productivity and performance with proper computer networking solutions from Tilley’s IT Solution’s LLC. As an IT consulting firm, we help businesses within Metro Detroit, Michigan manage their company's most critical data and develop a good disaster recovery plan to protect important information within their system.

Let Us Supplement Your IT Staff

Instead of paying full-time IT employees, we are here to provide your business an entire on-call IT department who can help you work through various system issues. We have certified technicians that offer quality on-site IT services tailored to your company's specific needs.

Whether it's a simple fix or a large multi-site network implementation, you can always count on us for a job well done. In addition to this, our team can design and install secured wired or wireless network for your office, be it a dedicated server, peer-to-peer network, or a high-speed Internet connection you need.

Why protect your computer systems?

Based on various researches:
1 in 5 computers suffers fatal hard drive breakdown during their lifetime

2,000 laptops are stolen or lost in a day.

60% of a company's critical data that resides on hard drives are not backed up.

60% of companies that lose their system’s data will most likely be down within 6 months of the disaster.

Security and Virus Protection

Keep your workstations, servers and company data safe with enterprise-grade security and virus protection

On-site and remote support

Schedule an appointment to get help on site, or 

call/email us for a faster response. We use powerful software to share your screen and get you help with a minimal wait.

Workstation management and maintenance

Rest assured knowing that our advanced monitoring software checks all of your devices 24 hours per day, automatically alerting us to start working on your problems before they interrupt your work.

Mobile device support and sync

We help you organize, configure, update, and secure your mobile devices. We can help you access your company data from anywhere and lock down devices if they are lost or stolen.

Antivirus, Backup, and Security

Keep your workstations secure and protected from viruses, prying eyes, or thieves. Know where all of your machines are at all time and keep your data backed up 24/7.

IT inventory and tracking

We manage your IT inventory and document your systems so that you can keep track of what you have and where it is. Stop worrying about where your machines are and start receiving a monthly report on their status, health, location, and configuration.

Workstation upgrades and replacements

You’ll know when it’s time to upgrade or replace your workstations thanks to our advanced monitoring system. When it is, we’ll make it seamless by helping you select the right equipment, then onboarding it with minimal user impact.

Let our expert team handle all of your security needs

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Endpoint Protection & Antivirus

Protect workstations and devices from malware, viruses, loss, and theft with powerful, automatic security software and antivirus.

Server Protection and Security

We offer security services tuned specifically for servers. Add 24/7 scanning, backup, and security monitoring with the click of a button.

Custom Security Audit & Plan

We assess your security with our deep security audit focusing on hardware, cloud, physical security, retention, policy, and more.

3 Reasons to choose Tilleys IT Solution 

Friendly, local technicians who know 
your name

Our technicians all work together here in our Berkeley office, sharing resources and getting to know our customers. We carefully select our technicians and our customers, allowing us to ensure a quality relationship built on trust.

Organized, accountable problem 

We use industry-leading tools to track 

and monitor problems, collaborate 

between technicians, communicate 

with our clients, and keep careful records 

of all problem solving for full 


Reliable, trusted maintenance for 
all technology

You’ll know that your systems are up to 

date and healthy with our meticulous 

reporting and monitoring. We add an 

extra human touch with manual system reviews, documentation updates, 

and strategy sessions.