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Ransomware and The Importance of Cyber Security Safety

October 27, 2022

Cybercriminals have been doing what they do best – taking advantage of new opportunities to exploit and wreak havoc. With so many more people working and learning from home in recent months, business and personal IT networks have expanded exponentially. Unfortunately, the whole network is only as strong as the weakest security link. Bad actors have pounced on the lack of cybersecurity and ransomware attacks are on the rise. 

Tilley’s IT Solutions is well aware of the trend and we’re here to help. Check out some basic ransomware info and our best suggestions on how to fight against it in your networks.

What Is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malware, or malicious software program or app. An unsuspecting user might click on a deceptive link in an email message, social media request, or a pop-up when visiting a website. This is a phishing attack, and the two go hand in hand. In the end, ransomware lives up to its sinister name – the cybercriminal behind the scenes will encrypt and deny access to a computer system or data until a fee is paid.

Who Can Be Affected By A Ransomware Attack?

Anyone with an internet connection and a connected device is at risk. Some may think that they don’t have an online presence worth attacking. The truth of the matter is that it generally isn’t about you, it’s often about your connections. If your network isn’t secure then a skilled hacker can easily use cyber back doors to sneak into vendors’ or clients’ networks and hold their data for a price. 

Regardless of whether cyber crooks are after your data or someone else’s, top-notch cyber security protection can either put an end to their sneaky attacks or at least keep them at bay long enough for the system to alert you and technicians that an attack is underway.

Technical Solutions for The Ransomware Threat

Ransomware attacks aren’t new, but they are more sophisticated and they follow other equipment and technological advancements. A two-pronged defensive and offensive approach gives you the best overall protection:

  • Never click on unverified links or click on untrusted email attachments – if the email seems to come from a trusted source but you’re unsure, check with the sender
  • Only download software or media files from sites you trust
  • Learn how to identify verified, trusted sites and frequent them
  • Avoid sharing personal data with untrusted or unknown entities
  • Run regular security scans and always update cybersecurity programs and operating systems


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