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The Importance of Network Security in Today’s Digital World

November 1, 2022

Whether your team is local and office-based, or scattered across the country while working remotely, network security should be a high-priority concern. A reliable, protective system will reduce the risk of countless threats, including data loss, theft, and sabotage. We’re here to offer some practical and technical solutions for improving your company’s network security game.

Why Is Network Security So Important?

Hacks and breaches have become commonplace. As fast as protective technologies advance, the bad actors out there catch right up. A robust, responsive, and comprehensive network security system can work against that trend.

Besides staving off unexpected business interruptions that could cost you in lost sales a network security plan can also prevent internal issues – including inefficiency and decreased productivity – that might arise from a digital shutdown. Employee, customer, and vendor information can be compromised in a network breach, credibility lost, and you could even face fines or legal consequences. 

There are countless ways that your business could be affected, but believe us, none of them are positive. Network security is a protection to everyone involved with your business and it lets customers know that you take their privacy and protection seriously.

Key Elements of Network Security

Put simply, network security can be defined as a comprehensive set of components – be those devices, systems, or a plan of action – that are put in place to protect a network’s safety and reliability. 

Some forms of network security:

Access control Controls which visitors or system users have access to sensitive information.

Antivirus and anti-malware software – Protects from invasion by malicious software, be they viruses, worms, spyware, ransomware, Trojans, or others.

Application security – Protects against vulnerabilities from third-party systems and applications.

Behavioral analytics –  Helps to identify risky or suspicious online behavior that often comes before a potential security breach.

Cloud security – Aims to allow for safe remote access through encryption and identity management.

Firewalls – Build a barrier between safe and untrusted networks, using set rules to control network traffic.

Email security – Deflects phishing campaigns and monitors outbound messages to prevent data loss.

Mobile device security – Controls network access from personal devices using authentication and other means.

Virtual private network (VPN) – Encrypts and authenticates a network’s connection to the endpoint.

Think of your company’s network security plan like an impregnable fence or a keyed lock – it works to keep in what’s valuable and block access from unwanted entrants. High-value data could be in the form of files, documents, personal information, payment details, and more. And every company out there has lots of this on hand. That’s all the more reason to opt for protection.

But we are often blind to our company’s vulnerabilities. That’s why bringing in a professional to conduct a thorough network risk assessment is so vital. Through various processes, you’ll be able to see where weak spots are, and where protection is most needed. It’s a good idea to then draft a company network security policy and offer training and necessary information to staff. 

Regular audits will confirm that protocols are effective at mitigating risk and that compliance is high. And like everything digital, the best network security plan is one that can quickly pivot or shift, based on need and risk. 

Tilley’s offers IT solutions and computer repair in Detroit, with server and network support and technical solutions for your business’s critical IT infrastructure. We can make sure that your systems are protected, come what may.


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